Rainbow Dreaming  

Lorraine Maffi-Williams

Aboriginal Elder Lorraine Mafi-Williams, Suffolk Park
Image: © Graeme Batterbury

The Rainbow

The rainbow is a form of illumination for humanity. One of the signs our elders looked for in ancient times was a perfect rainbow, a perfect one. They do ceremonies periodically to keep the (earth’s) energy grid healthy. They would use the rainbows to monitor what they had done. If they did ceremonies right and the energy grid was healthy, then the rainbows would be perfect. Some of our old people could summon up the rainbow the way some Native American medicine people could bring rain. My father was one that could bring rain. Others could bring the rainbow with their prayers.

As soon as the rainbow appeared, our elders would look at it closely, carefully, for little flaws. Were all the colours as bright as they should be? Did the rainbow arc from one place on the Earth to another, or was it incomplete? They’d size it up carefully. That way they could see if Boamie, the Rainbow Serpent, needed something – if it was damaged or incomplete in some way. They could tell that by studying the rainbow in the sky for imperfections.

The rainbow in the sky is a reflection of the Rainbow Serpent of the Earth; it reflects the health of the Earth and its energy grid.

Aboriginal Elder Lorraine Mafi-Williams, from Legend of the Rainbow Warriors,
Steve McFadden, Chiron

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