rainbow dreaming  

Dawn Meditation Image John W McCormick

Dawn Meditation for World Peace, Harmonic Convergence, Byron Bay, 17 August, 1987
Image by John W McCormick

The Aquarius Festival of 1973 was a watershed event in the gestation of the alternative movement in Australia.

This movement embraced living in community, in harmony with the land; appropriate technology; holistic health practices and the synthesis of science, art and philosophy.

This was a catalyst for the establishment of a cultural and spiritual movement that today has its epicentre in the Rainbow Region of Nimbin and Byron Bay.

This exhibition explores through photographs, stories and song, the birth and subsequent development of the social, cultural and spiritual legacy of this journey and it's impact on our world today.


The dream we wish to share is of the human family as one, living in harmony with all of creation.

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