rainbow dreaming  

This landmark exhibition, the collective work of over a hundred of the regions premier photographers, writers and cultural and political visionaries, tells the story of the Rainbow Region and maps the ideas, issues and personalities that sustain the "Dream": living in harmony with oneself, each other and the planet.

Byron Bay Writers festival 2013

Rainbow Dreaming was featured at the October 2013 Byron Bay Writers' Festival

"It’s a rare thing indeed when a book, a song, a poem, or a film comes along which enhances or cements your sense of identity and place, of who you are, of where you live and why you live there." - Luis Feliu EchoNet Daily 5th August 2013.

Jan Barham, Australia's first and only popularly elected Green Mayor, launched the book "Rainbow Dreaming - Tales from the Age of Aquarius" at the Byron Bay Writers' Festival.

Ms Barham said Rainbow Dreaming is ‘a celebration, because it’s about who we are, who we’ve become over 40 years, and how a group of people can live in a way that’s different to the rest of society… in a way that encourages other people to come here and recognise that it’s special’. She said the alternative movement and its legacy was ‘what gives us a sense of place and makes it such a wonderful place to live, and that is the celebration of this book’.

Aquarius 40 Celebrations, Nimbin

Aquarius 40th celebrations in Nimbin, May 2013

It all began with the famous Aquarius Festival in Nimbin in May 1973!

But the festival did not end; it became a vortex attracting people down the years in search of a better way to do things and it ended up seeding the whole sustainability movement in what became known as the Rainbow Region.

2013 marks the fortieth anniversary of the Aquarius Festival, the unique cultural lifestyle event that subtley shaped us all; the reason we choose to live in this amazing part of the planet.

Rainbow Dreaming toured the USA in connection with the 2009, 40th Anniversary of Woodstock celebrations.
Rainbow Dreaming at West Fest

It featured at:
Ecofest, Central Park, New York, 4th October 2009

New York's 13th Annual Harvest Festival & Freedom Rally
Camp Minglewood, NY, 9th - 11th October 2009

Woodstock Museum, Saugerties, NY, 17th - 18th October 2009

West Fest: Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, 25th October 2009

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Woodstock Museum

You can check out the 2009 Rainbow Dreaming US tour album at:
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Rainbow Dreaming also featured at Byron's 4th Annual Beggars Banquet, 5th Dec, 2009
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Some Children of the Dream

This exhibition saw it's genesis in the photo-documentary “Some Children of the Dream”.


“Some Children of the Dream'” toured Australia during 1993-95 under the auspices of the Lismore Regional Art Gallery, with sponsorship from Visions of Australia, the Federal Department of Communications and Arts, and the Nimbin community.

An American edition of the exhibition (part sponsored by Thursday Plantations Ltd.) opened at the Woodstock Museum in 1995, helping to initiate the setting up of the historic sister-village links between Nimbin in Australia and Woodstock in the U.S.A.



In 1999 a bi-lingual English/Hindi edition toured India, funded by the Australia Council for the Arts. The exhibition commenced in Mumbai and progressed through Ahmadabad and Jaipur to culminate in a multi-media event at the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts in New Delhi.

In Mumbai, thousands of people, from street-dwellers to university professors, saw the exhibition in the outdoor space in the central cultural precinct.

Rainbow Dreaming - Peace Carnival "Rainbow Dreaming" brings the story of the alternative culture of the 'rainbow region' up to date, mapping the evolving vision of a culture committed to peace and sustainable living in a world on the brink of change.

"Rainbow Dreaming" is available for tour. Please contact us if you would like to feature this culturally contemporary exhibit at your festival or venue.