Rainbow Dreaming  

Aboriginal boy at Nimbin RocksImage by Brian Alexander

Aboriginal boy at Nimbin Rocks, late 1980's
Image: © Brian Alexander

Bundjalung Lore

This is what happened.

One time an old Weeyan man (seer) was walking through the bush with two young men when he fell down as if dead. The young men became frightened and ran back to tell the camp.

Two older men were sent out to perform the burial ritual, but, as they approached, the old man sat up. He told them that he had been asleep and had gone up into the sky but wasn't to tell them what he saw until the whole camp was present.

Back at the camp this is the story he told: The sky opened up. I went into it and came upon a river, a huge wide river, the biggest I've ever seen, that never runs dry.

There were people on the banks of the river, doing things that people do, playing, talking and so on. There was a white man with long hair walking by the river. I approached him and he told me his name was Birrigan (the Southern Cross) and that he had three laws for me to take back to my people for the hard times that were to come.

The three laws are:

Wana bomalay (Don't kill)

Wana wergahly (Don't steal)

Wana gubanunu (Don't be greedy)

Eric Walker, Bundjalung elder, Tabulam, New South Wales

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