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Waterbirth at Birth and Beyond, Nimbin, late 1980'sImage by Brian Alexander

Waterbirth at Birth and Beyond, Nimbin, late 1980's
Image: © Brian Alexander

Birth and Beyond

Birth & Beyond is a group that is devoted to enhancing the ultimate outcome of love - the creation of new life! For almost two decades Birth & Beyond has provided an essential sevice to pregnant women and couples seeking choice in childbirth. The group offers midwifery care - both traditional and registered midwives - and information to women and their families, as well as ongoing support through the parenting years by way of self help and discussion

Birth & Beyond is totally community run and funded, relying on donations and fundraising activities. Anyone, male or female, is welcome to attend, whether homebirth or hospital birth is planned. Other services available are: pre-natal yoga and childbirth preparation classes, a book and video library, water birthing pools, baby capsules and heaps of baby clothes.

The emphasis of Birth & Beyond is informed choice which empowers women to reclaim the responsibility and beauty of birth, wherever it may take place. The availability of experienced midwives eliminates the need for women to give birth unattended, which is a potentially dangerous situation. In an outrageous infringement on our fundamental right to choose, accessibility to highly skilled and valued traditionally trained midwives has been restricted by uninformed government legislation. Birth & Beyond continues to lobby to change legislation and to provide an informed choice for women.

Birth & Beyond, Nimbin

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